TNVET Accomplishments – Bills sponsored and passed into law

Governor Halsm and legislative members invite TNVET representatives to witness a bill TNVET fought for being signed into law.


  • Removed income limits on disabled veteran personal property tax exemption that had been implemented in 2015 legislative session


  • Restoration of 100% disabled veteran personal property tax exemption after $75K reduction had been implemented in 2015 legislative session (restored back to $175K vs $100K)
  • Legislation to ensure exemption is maintained if veteran is in long-term care.
  • Hiring Preferences for Veterans, Spouses and widows/widowers


  • Legislation to end Stolen valor
  • Legislation to encourage governor to appoint veterans to mental health and education
  • Law encourages governor, in appointing members to the board of regents, University of Tennessee board of trustees, and state university governing boards to strive to ensure that at least one board member is an honorably discharged military veteran
  • Law encourages governor to appoint military veteran as a member of the statewide planning and policy council.
  • Provides continued eligibility for a disabled veteran’s property tax relief during temporary periods of confinement in a nursing home or hospitalization if the disabled veteran intends to return to the residence once recovered.


  • Legislation to ensure dependents of active duty members who are accepted to Tenn. Universities maintain in-state status if veteran is transferred between acceptance and admittance.


  • Legislation to mandate suicide prevention training for TDVA and VSO office employees
    who interact with veterans
  • Legislation to recognize 12 June as Women Veterans Day (resolution)
  • Worked with Tenn Dept of Veteran Services (TDVS) Commissioner to restore suicide prevention hotline and information on state website.


  • Legislation to recognize, each year, 12 June as Women Veterans Recognition Day
  • Legislation created a medical leave policy for state employees who are 30 percent or more disabled veterans to attend VA appointments. 


  • Covid Death Certificate and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). Legislation created and signed into law a bill that will ensure Tennessee veteran spouses and families can rightfully obtain federal survivor benefits they may qualify for when COVID, or other pandemic, is a contributary cause in the veteran’s death. Ensures spouses and families can work with state Veteran Service Offices to attain VA related health information that can be provided to doctors on the veteran’s past aliment and treatment actions and, if regrettably needed, for full disclosure and documentation on the death certificate.

TNVET members making the rounds of legislators offices on veteran issues and bills.

TNVET representative addresses the state legislature’s veteran caucus on a veteran issue.

TNVET members meeting with legsiative members on veteran issues.

TNVET founder, Vivian Fivecoat, makes legislative rounds to work veteran needs.  Vivian passed away in Oct 2019, but saw TNVET grow from her idea to an organized entity that supports veterans. Vivian served her country in the U.S. Army for 20 years as a nurse. Salute!!!

Women Veterans Recognition Day bill signed by the Governor Lee with TNVET organization members from the Tennessee Women Veterans of America and TNVET executive board members. May 17, 2021. National Guard facilities at Barry Field, Nashville, TN