On Jan 31, 2024, TNVET’s annual Veterans Day On The Hill was held at the Cordell Hull Legislative Offices Bldg. and the state Capitol in Nashville. An excellent turnout from veterans living all across the state. As veterans know, this event is about learning of veteran issues at the state level, meeting the legislators that represent you and to advocate for legislation, which the TNVET members have selected, based on the input of its 27,000 members.

While the very hard work of many veterans go into making this event a success, it cannot be accomplished without the very generous support and donations of some select businesses/organizations that go to great lengths to make our event a success year after year.

TNVET wants veterans ,and the public in general, to know who joined with TNVET in 2024 to make our event a huge success. The comments/feedback from attending veterans about the high caliber of services, goods and participation provided by these businesses and their people/staff, was a 10+. TNVET is very grateful for the help and support these business gave to this important veteran endeavor.

We salute and thank you for supporting veterans of Tennessee!!!