Read About How We Started

It is not often that the roots of a newly forming organization gets noticed right from the start in 2016. Our first legislative battle started with reversing the reductions to the veterans’ property tax relief program. Little did we know that we would have partial success the first year, but it would take another year to fully address the issue and have a successful conclusion for affected veterans.

Read the media story of our very first “Veterans Day On The Hill.


Continued Work

As mentioned, we returned for a second year (2017) to finish fighting the legislative battle we started in 2016. Our successful efforts continued to get noticed in the media on a topic veteran property tax relief. Although we did not have the moniker “TNVET” at that time, we were “the loosely formed group will organize into a unified lobbying effort” mentioned in the story. As stated in the story we did become that “unified lobbying effort” that works for the veterans of Tennessee. Read the story of our second “Veterans Day On The Hill” and the success we achieved.


TNVET and its member organization work to get recognition of women veterans.  YOUTUBE of the Women Veterans Recognition Day bill signing, May 2021