When TNVET held its first “Veterans Day On The Hill” one item became very apparent, too many veterans had no idea who their state representatives were.   Our calculations showed close to 60% of veterans could not identify who their state Senator or Representative was. Thus, it was obvious that TNVET needed to broaden its mission to include political education and processes. 

As part of that educational assistance, we have provided you with a direct website connection to help veterans and their families (and active duty military who change their residency to Tennessee) identify and/or contact their state elected legislators.

If you need assistance in identifying and locating your elected state official just click on the “Find My Legislators” button below.  It will take you a Tennessee legislative website that will provide information in two ways: 1) You can just moved your computer cursor over the Senate and House maps of Tennessee to where you live and it will show you which district you live in and who your elected official is, or 2)  If you live near a district boundary the easier and most accurate method is to provide your street address and city or zip code (in the “Find My Legislator” box on the upper right-center of the maps section) and the legislators that represent you will pop-up with all of their contact information.