TNVET is composed of whole state veteran organizations. Any chapters or branches within those state veteran organizations are, therefore, members within TNVET.  There is not any membership option of independent/individual/non-aligned veterans to be members.  

However, if you are a member of one or more of the many dozens of veterans organizations within Tennessee and NOT curently a member of TNVET, we ask that you talk with your organization’s state leadership and join with us.  TNVET only exists to combine and channel the presence and voter power of thousands of veterans to work on legislative issues important to veterans, active duty stationed within Tennessee and their families.

TNVET does not interfere, override or get involved in the leadership, management or administration of its individual member organizations.  Member organizations do pay yearly dues based on their membership numbers.  These dues offset costs such as conducting “Veterans Day On The Hill”, website support, postal costs, etc.  There is no pay or any other benefits associated with board or executive committee membership.  All veteran organizations appoint their representatives to sit on the TNVET Board and vote the will of that organization on issues or legislation that TNVET is to address. TNVET normally limits itself to 3-5 legislative issues a year, based on the decisions of the Board.  However, if a veteran organization has a particular piece of legislation that TNVET is not sponsoring, the that organization is completely free to pursue legislative action on its own.

Becoming a member of TNVET amplifies and channels the veteran legislative influence and power your veteran organization has.  Numbers matter both in total representation to the legislature and at the voting box.  You may read about how the veteran organizations combine and work together in our Constitution, which you may read or download below.


As a TNVET member organization you will help shape the veteran legislative for each year.  You will also participate in legislator visits and lobbying and in the planning and conducting of “Veteran Day On The Hill”.